MAGINON USB Cassette Converter ... Stopping problem

Using Windows 7 . Audacity 2.1.1 obtained by zip.
I am trying to record audio contents TEAC CDX60 tape using USB cable from Maginon to my laptop.
All seems to go well with Audacity screen display showing progress up to around 6 to 8 minutes when it stops but the tape is still moving.
The part that is recorded can be saved as MP3 file OK but I want the whole cassette tape to be transferred and not mysteriously stopping.
Any help will be apprreciated.
… John

When you say “it stops”, what exactly happens? Is the Play button still down in Audacity? Is the Pause button down? Does Audacity continue recording but only record silence?

Thanks for the prompt response. The buttons on the converter are unchanged. The tape wheel is still rotating.
When I go to replay the recorded sound I hear it OK up to the point of where the Audacity display “graph chart”
ceased and just silence thereafter.
… John

Do you mean that the blue wiggly “waveform” (shown as number 12 here: stops wiggling and becomes a straight horizontal blue line?

Are you listening to the tape while it is recording? If so, are you listening via the computer, or do you use a separate output from the CD player to your hi-fi, or through headphones connected to the cassette player (or something else)?

If you are listening while it is recording, does the sound stop after 6 to 8 minutes?

Does this happen only with one tape, or with all tapes?

I had exactly the same problem with an EZCAP tape deck recently purchased. I then installed the latest build of Audacity, and all went well… until 15+ minutes into the recording. At that point, the tape continued to play - I could hear it through the earbuds - but Audacity just stopped. The progress / audio indicator just stopped moving.

Any ideas? This is Audacity 2.1.1, downloaded as the exe installer a few minutes ago.


What version of Windows?

Try installing Audacity again with the Reset Preferences box enabled (ticked) half way through installation.

Then try another USB cable and ensure it is tight at both ends. Restart the computer.


WIN 10. I’ll try your suggestions and report back. thanks…

It took a while to get all the device and input settings correct, but now it is working quite well…

Thanks for your help!