Macros should apply to a selection only


My issue and question in short:
Macros seems to apply to a whole project or track. How can I limit a macro to a selection only?

I am recording around 1000 words in Chinese language. Each word I need as a single .ogg file. My current procedure:

  1. Press the record button and speak the word
  2. Press the stop button → I have a new clip
  3. Manually select the area, which I want to save in a separate .ogg file
  4. Apply noise-reduction effect
  5. Exports as a .ogg file
  6. … back to step 1

So I am ending up with one track, which has a lot of clips.
Step 4) and 5) which apply to the selection only, already require a lot of mouse-clicks, since I have to navigate through the menus.
At least those two steps I would like to automate in a macro. BUT: that macro should ONLY apply to the selection made in step 3.

To do that part with a macro:

The Macro “Export:” command exports the entire project (useful for batch processing files). So one option, if your project has only one track, is to use the “Trim Audio” command before the “Export” command, and then use the “Undo” command after (to undo the “Trim” command).