Macros issue with Generate Silence

Using 2.3.0 with Windows 10 64-bit.

Trying to use a macro to add 6 seconds of generated silence at end of track. Nothing seems to be happening when i use the Silence command in the macro. I have the cursor at the end of the track and the selection collapsed to the end. I’m expecting the track length to extend by 6 sec, being silence. This works when done manually or via AutoIt. I was hoping to replace with a native macro.

Any ideas?

Note that I leave part of the track selected, a silence covering the whole track length seems to get generated. That is, my audio disappears. But the track stays the same length.

Note also that in the manual (which I have RTFM’d) under Macros there doesn’t seem to be an entry for Generate Silence under the Generate commands. Is that deliberate? Does that imply one can’t use macros to generate silence? Or is it s documentation oversight?


The documentation for macros is generated automatically.

My guess is that the lack of documentation for the silence generator is due to a conflict with the “Silence Audio” command. I’ll raise this with the developers.

Many thanks. That looks to be doing the job.

I assume that in the parameters for the Select, the “-6” relative to End pushes the selection out past the end of the track by 6 sec, which is then made as Silence? And that “+6” would have brought the selection 6 sec earlier (left) in the track?

The developer responsible for this confirmed that was the problem and has now fixed it, so it should be correct in the version 2.3.1 manual.

Is this only a documentation issue or is the “Generate Silence” missing from the macros altogether?
I am trying to do the same but add the silence at the beginning of the track.
Choosing “Silence” macro just silences the track instead of generating silence.

It’s a documentation issue.

For all of the built-in generators (the ones that appear “above the line” in the Generate menu), the duration of the generated audio is always fitted to the selection. So to generate, say 6 seconds, of a Tone, Chirp, DTMF Tone, Noise or Silence, you need to make a 6 second audio selection first, and then generate the required sound. I have asked the developer to clarify this in the documentation.

Try the example here: