Macro with export and no destination silent fails

Not a very frequent user but recently upgraded to 3.X and wanted to bulk process a few videos. so I’ve got the LAME plugin set up, and the upgrade just right on carried on working :slight_smile: Nice result there with that. But when I want to use a macro to export the file to mp3, it’s all a bit confusing.

  1. If I run a macro with a file export step in it, there is no warning that the command will silently fail, it’s not obvious, am I missing an error window?
  2. If I run the macro on a file like I suspect I’m supposed to really do, it’s not saving the file, just shows stuff happening, but then no error indicating that it’s unable to save the file?

Sorry, not had much time to read the explanations like this one , I’m just finding the way macros work quite perplexing because I have loads of plugins it’s taken ages just to build one. Where do file macros export to?