Macro wav conversion "Apply to files" not working.

I’m using 3.2.1 on Windows 10. I want to apply a .WAV conversion to files in folders. I click on “Files” in the Manage Macros box, select the files, and open them. A box opens, tells me it’s applying to the files, and outputs them to the nether realm, never to be seen again apparently.

The Directory preference for Macro Output is blank. I look in the appropriate folder (C:\Users<your username>\Documents\Audacity) and there’s nothing there. This is really annoying me. The feature used to just work. I’ve been trying for days, changing the folder preference, actually manually making the macro-output folder, sacrificing chickens, threats, nothing works.

Please post your full macro.
(Export it from the Macro Manager as a .txt file, then attach that file to your reply)

Yes. Strange. :open_mouth: There should be a macro-output subdirectory that contains your output files.