Macro to Trim Silence?

Can someone please help me create a Macro to delete the standard Lead-IN & Lead-Out Silences of a Music Track? Audacity treats these areas as integral parts of the track but they vary wildly. My goal is to substitute whatever In & Out silences come with the track(s) with uniform silences (0:5 Sec In, and 2:0 secs Out). Attempts to create this Macro are going nowhere as Audacity’s built-in ‘Silence’ feature refuses to apply saved User Presets and my ‘Insert Silence’ Plug-in is not accepting any user presets. Is there a Plug-In I have overlooked? Thank you so much for any help.

Perhaps the “Trim Silence” plug-in?

Thanks a million, Steve, I don’t know how I missed that Plug-in, which works like a charm. I almost don’t dare ask, but can you think of a way (another Plugin?) to now add back in a Lead-IN Silence of 0:5 Sec and a Lead-OUT Silence of 2:0 Seconds?

Did you see the “Trim / Extend” plug-in (directly above the “Trim Silence” plug-in)

Yes, I found it late last night after playing with the TrimAudio Plug-In (Trim Silence seems less aggressive). Your suggestion looks promising. I also want to see if I can specify a Trim Silence that simply leaves my lead-IN/OUT targets…? I’ll let you know tonight. Again, thank you, I’m really grateful for you reaching out to help me here.

It looks like this Macro has come together. I’m using the Trim Silence Plugin to cut the Silence down to o.1 Sec on both the Start & End, followed by the Trim/Extend Plugin to add my 0:5 Sec & 2:0 Secs back in on the Start & the End. Hopefully this will take care of situations of 0 Silence on either end. This has been quite a project, and it would have gone nowhere if not for your help Steve. Thank you Sir, you’re a Prince!