Macro to add specific label text at selection?

I have one audio and two label tracks. In the second label track (track #3) are a bunch of pre-existing labels.

I want to be able to jump to one of these pre-existing labels in track #3, then add a new label in track #2 that covers the same time period, and the label is only the letter “n”. Then I want to be able to jump to the next label in track #3.

I’ve gotten as far as:

Move Focus to Previous Track
Add Label at Selection

But then how do I get it to fill in the letter “n” for the label?

And how do I then go back to track #3 and jump to the next label. If I press Alt+Right, it jumps to the first label in the recording, not the next one to the right.

Here’s an example of what it would look like:

It would probably be easier to just use Audacity’s Label Editor: Labels Editor - Audacity Manual

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