Macro to add intro and outro to podcast

HI there,

I’ve created the following macro to add the intro and outro wav file from my PC into an Audacity project contained the edited interview for a podcast. Is there a way I can add more commands to the macro so that the interview tracks are automatically placed between the intro and outro having been imported?

Import2:Filename=“C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Podcast Intro.wav”
Import2:Filename=“C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Podcast Outro.wav”

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Your first two commands (SelectAll: and FirstTrack:) are probably unnecessary. Try removing them and check if the macro still works.

Align_EndToEnd: Tracks Menu: Align Tracks - Audacity Manual

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your prompt reply. If I use the Align End to End command don’t I have to mix and render the tracks together first? I’d prefer not to do that if it’s possible.

Best wishes


I did remove the first two commands and the macro still works fine.

No. You just need the intro to be the first track, and the outro to be the last track. Select All, then align end to end. The tracks will be mixed into a single track on Export.

Right, but if the interview is two tracks, one for each speaker, I would need to mix and render these first, no? So they become one track. This is what I would prefer not to do.

I assume that you want to keep them separate so that you can process / edit them separately, in which case I’d suggest that you pan one of them all the way to the left, and pan the other all the way to the right, and then mix them together.

This will all aligning end to end to work as required, while also allowing the mixed “stereo” track to be split back to the two separate voices.