macro not working

ok so scripted the following macro :

Era6VoiceLeveler:Use_Preset=“User Preset:breath+emphasis”
Era6NoiseRemoverPro:Use_Preset=“User Preset:DETAILED DENOISE LOW”

i had already created a macro output folder in the directory settings of audacity.
Now when applying the macro to a set of files from the “managa macros” pane i see a (far too quickly) dialogue box with the progress, but no output whatsoever in the directory…

Do your Era6 plug-ins work manually (not in a macro)?

Yes i apply them manually (and sucessively) to an individual track without problems.
When i try to apply the macro to a single track inside the window, it doesn’t work though.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i installed the Accusonus bundle both as VST, VST3 and components and that that confuses Audacity?
When applying an effect manually, i actually have 3 times the same name of the plugin (but audacity doesn’t tell me which type it is), when doing a macro, it only shows one single name of the effect.

Have you tried each macro command individually to see if any of them work?

well yea, in the sense that i created a new macro with just one ERA6 plugin which i applied manually on the track and the macro stopped immediately.

Well that’s your answer (unfortunately). The ERA6 plug-ins apparently don’t work in macros.

You could report this as an issue on Audacity’s GitHub if you wish (, though as there are hundreds of thousands of VST plug-ins, I would be very surprised if it would attract developer attention. (Posting to GitHub requires (free) signing up to GitHub)