Macro from v3.3.3 doesn't work any more in v3.4.2

I frequently use a macro (with keyboard shortcut) to repair a glitch on the sample level and set a marker on the label track. It works as expected in v3.3.3, but no label is created with v3.4.2. The macro is a simple 2-liner:

NyquistPrompt:Command=“;type analyze\n(list (list 0 (get-duration 1) ""))” Parameters=“” Version=“4”

Don’t ask me for details happening in the second line, it’s been years ago that I wrote it, most probably with the help of @steve :wink:

How do I need to change this macro to make it work as before?

Update: The problem first occurred after I had installed multiple versions of Audacity (into different subfolders of C:\programs\audacity), and using v3.4.2. If I started audacity in the v3.3.3 subfolder the macro worked as exepcted. Still I saw UI elements of 3.4 in the 3.3.3 window (beats & measures box in bottom left) - which made me uneasy about having multiple versions in parallel.
When I tried to continue my edits today (launching v3.3.3, then opening the project), the label wouldn’t even be created in this version any longer.
In a separate small test project however the macro worked fine, no matter what version.

So I uninstalled all the versions, rebooted and only installed v3.3.3, also resetting all preferences.
Now the label does get created, but only on a separate label track - not into the existing one (which I had renamed, FWIW). Closing the existing label track and importing it again doesn’t make a difference.

Is there a way to make my Audacity macro hit the correct - existing - label track instead of opening a new one?

EDIT: I just realized that the labels are not only created in a single new label-track (which wouldn’t be that bad), but each label gets written into yet another NEW label track! Which is now stopping me completly in my tracks …

here is another update: I tried installation on different systems (2x Win10, 1x Win11) an different versions of Audacity. I suspect that this odd behavior is due to some inconsistency in the installation.
Whenever I did what I think is a “clean” install (uninstall, manually delete C:\programs\audacity, “reset configuration” on new install), then the macro would always put each label on a new track - no matter what version I install. I tried v3.2.5, v3.3.3. With v3.4.2 on one installation I only get the first label created, subsequent invocations of the macro execute the “repair” command, but don’t create any labels at all …
Now, before I “ruin” the last working installation (v3.2.5 on Win11) I would like to know what locations I should look into for possibly cleaning up remainders of previoous installation.
Any help is appreciated!

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