Macro: Export To Wav (DAW: Unsupported WAV Playback Issue)


Can someone please help me. I am trying to batch convert files from FLAC to wav using batch export. I created a macro. The export worked. Although, I cannot open the files in any of my DAWs. The DAW gives me a message that the WAV files are unsupported. If i manually convert the WAV files one by one they work just fine in my DAW.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

  • Michael

some DAWs have issues with 32-bit float WAVs, or some of the other exotic options Audacity has on offer like µLaw encoding. Others have issues with non-standard samplerates. You may want to run the files in question through MediaInfo to see what makes them special.

If you are on Windows, try Foobar2000


Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I am on a Macbook. The problem still remains.