Macro "Export as WAV" to more than 2 channels

I have created a macro that removes background noise from my recordings, and saves these removed background noise friles with “Export as WAV”. My files are all six channel WAV, and while I can run the macro and successfully remove background noise from all the files, it only exports my first 2 channels.

I was going to use “export2”, but it said that it “could not export to wav format!” for some reason? Also, I need the files to same as their original filenames, just in a different folder.

Any help really appreciated! :mrgreen:

Unfortunately, multi-channel (more than 2 channels) is not yet supported by Macros.
You could post an “Enhancement” request here if you wish (requires a free GitHub account):

Okay I’ve put in an enhancement request. Is my only option doing this file-by-file for now?

What are your 6 channel files for?
If you are putting them in a video, see if your video editor can accept 6 mono files instead of a single 6 channel file. (Exporting 6 channels as separate files is a bit awkward to do with macros, but it’s possible).