Macro copy/pastes on multiple files - cut 5.1 [SOLVED]


Is there an easy way to “record” or “save” some small edit commands like copy/paste I make in a wav-file and do the exact same copy/pastes automatically in some other files?
You now - like a macro recording of all the edits i make per hand and run the same commands on other files.

I have a multichannel AC3/DTS File which i want to cut a little bit - and as it is not possible to cut all the channels the same time synchronously I want to extract all the different Streams as WAV files, make one “Master” Cut on one of these wav - streams and than automatically make the same cuts on all the other streams of the multichannel file…

thank you in advance!

To extend a selection to all tracks in the project, press Ctrl+Shift+K
See here for other “selection” commands:

Thanks - but is it possible to deselet one of the opend tracks? I usualy i will have open 6 audiotracks from the 5.1 and one track which contains information how to and where to cut the other ones - so - one track has to be “uncuted” and all the other tracks are my workfield.


Use the up/down keys to change which track has “focus” (the track with the yellow line around it).
Press the “Enter” key to toggle the selection on/off for that track.

Thank You! This is what i need!

And if somebody comes via search to this thread - i used “eac3to” for demultiplexing/multiplexing streams out of a DTS/AC3 track…