Macro Command to Select Single Track

I’m having trouble finding the right command in a macro to select a whole track.

My macro so far is:

  1. duplicate
  2. select none
  3. move focus to last track
  4. ???

I want to apply a filter to the track that was just duplicated but I can’t get it to highlight that whole track. I’ve tried select, select track start to end, and a few other commands but nothing ever gets highlighted. If I add an effects command without highlighting the one track, it applies the filter to all tracks.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Windows 10 Pro
Audacity v2.3.3

If there’s only one track in the project, you can do:

  1. Duplicate
  2. Move Focus to Next Track and Select

A version for any number of tracks in the project (just one track selected for duplication)

  1. Duplicate
  2. Toggle Focussed Track
  3. Move Focus to Last Track

Thanks for the super quick reply! the command “Move focus to Next and Select” worked and it let me apply the effect to the copied track.

Now I need to select the original first track but when I added the command “Move focus to Previous and Select” it doesn’t select that first track… Is that the wrong command to select the first track or am I missing a step?

I just figured it out. I had to move focus to the first track. Select. Then Select track from start to end. Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!

This is what I was going to suggest: