Macro bug on Mojave

Hello All,

I’ve created a macro to extend samples by:

Select:End="0.001" RelativeTo="ProjectStart" Start="0"
AdjustableFade:curve="0" gain0="0" gain1="1" preset="SCurveIn" type="Up" units="Percent"
Select:End="0.001" RelativeTo="ProjectEnd" Start="0"
AdjustableFade:curve="0" gain0="0" gain1="1" preset="SCurveOut" type="Down" units="Percent"
Reverse:Use_Preset="<Factory Defaults>"
SelectTime:End="0.05" RelativeTo="SelectionStart" Start="-0.05"
CrossfadeClips:Use_Preset="<Factory Defaults>"

When sample is imported to any sampler and loop is activated you will have a bidirectional (back and forth) loop.

The problem occurs when there’s more than 45 samples to process. My mac running Mojave freezes.
I’ve tested on linux (Debian) and such a thing does not occur.

Can Anyone else running Mojave confirm?

Do you mean “samples to process” or “files to process”?

Hi Steve.
Yes, it is “files to process”. I’ve also attached a zipped folder with 46 100ms short sweep same pitched sawthooth wav files.
I would of made an append to first post with attachment but i don’t see the edit button :blush: (389 KB)

That’sOK. We generally prefer people to send a new post rather than editing an old one. It becomes very confusing if older post change because later posts may not make sense.

I can’t test on Mojave, but I’ll check it out later on Catalina in case it’s a “Mac thing” rather than a “Mojave thing”.

Hi Steve,
Were you able to test the macro?

Sounds like I have nearly the identical issue here – 10.14.6, set up a macro to change 600 sample wav’s to 512 samples, then export as wav file. The macro works, but immediately after it runs, looks like it hangs my 2014 MBP, forcing me to hard restart.
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.28.45 PM.png

Does that work correctly if you apply the same steps manually, rather than from the Macro?

Does the Macro fail if applied to only one file?

It does work correctly with one file – and I discovered that it works for small batches of files, looks like it only hangs when it exceeds 20 files or so?

Could it be one particular file that it is getting stuck on?

I don’t think so, used it on maybe 10 folders of .wav files looking at this issue, some folders with few files, some with many (poor computer, forcing it to restart so many times). Not a hodge podge of crappy samples, all AKWF single cycle .wav files, use them a lot for audio sound design work.

The macro consistently works with less files, consistently hangs with more files. I do see the spinning wheel cursor time increase after the macro runs as the file numbers increase, but with >n files it hangs. Maybe if I waited 10 minutes it would sort itself out. I didn’t wait that long.

Love the macro flexibility, by the way…