macOS unselecting Audacity after keyboard shortcut

i know this sounds like a headache, but i use Audacity 3.0.5 because it’s my preferred version. i never had this issue when using my MacBook, but whenever i use a shortcut on the keyboard (such as “command + up” to move a track up) it unselects Audacity & i have to click on the window every time, rendering the shortcut useless. i’m now using a new Mac mini with Ventura 13.2.1. forgive me for not knowing all of the terminology, but i am using a brand new Mac mini for an outdated version of Audacity so consider me something of a technical dinosaur …
any feedback helps !
i just really don’t want to have to type code or any headache like that.

If I recall correctly this is a bug that was fixed in a later release.
– Bill

there’s no solution for the version i already have ?
my MacBook is also fully updated with Ventura & the same version of Audacity, & i don’t have the same problem using the MacBook.
i use this version of Audacity on purpose.

OK so I’ve tested this with 3.2.5 back to 3.0.2 and the behaviour you describe exists in all versions. This started with macOS 13. I’ve created a bug report on Github.
– Bill

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does that mean there’s no solution other than updating Audacity ?

Yes. But updating to 3.2.5 won’t fix it. We’ll have to wait until the next update.
– Bill

would it be possible to patch the version that i prefer ?
i really don’t want to stop using Audacity & that’s the last version i find to be satisfyingly rudimentary. it’s my bread & butter !

The developers do not “patch” older versions of Audacity. And when the latest version of Audacity gets “patched”, it is done by releasing a new minor version. For example, 3.2.5 is a “patched” version of 3.2.4 to correct only a single bug.

i’d pay someone for it !

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