macOS 12 Monterey

This is the latest system for Mac.

In the past used Audacity to record streaming using BlackHole. Perfectly!

My internal mic records works ok and records but need to record using direct with BlackHole.ch2

Upgraded Mac system to 12 Monterey
Upgraded Audacity to latest

Where I get stuck is
Audacity preferences
MIDI set up

Have in the past used the Catalonia terminal mod with success.

Is there a new terminal mod for Monterey or is the Catalonia terminal mod safe to use?

Every time I use blackhole with audacity I have difficulties recording. Internal mic works but quality is bad. Sounds like listening down a tunnel.
So I spend hours trying to set up preferences, midi set up etc

Wished I had a check list to cover the set up.

Even attempted to a previous post which I made notes.

I don’t use BlackHole, but it has a manual of sorts which may be helpful on this page:

Thank you Steve.