MacOS 10.15: Can't find FFmpeg

Hello, old thread! I’m trying to set up an old 2012 Mac Mini to use as an audio conversion/editing device. It’s running macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina), Intel 17 CPU, etc.

I’ve installed Audacity 3.5.1 and grabbed the FFMPEG library installer from here per the instructions. I installed the libraries, but Audacity doesn’t see it. I also have no idea where the installed put these libraries, so I don’t know how to manually link to them in Audacity. Can anyone help?

Hijacking old threads is a very bad idea…

I think Audacity 3.5.1 installes ffmpeg automatically - at least on my MacBook Air it is available without any additional installation from my side. Maybe it was there from an earlier (2.x) version? No idea.

Go to Settings / Library and look whether it already shows an installed version. It is explained in the instructions you mention for installing. If you then click “locate”, you will be greeted by a dialog telling you that it is already installed and asked if you want to install a different version.

Ok, won’t do that again. I was just hoping the folks here who were having the same problem I am might have found a solution since no conclusion was made.

and yes, that’s exactly what I did. Then I downloaded them, as instructed, ran the installer… and it still cannot find them. I’d locate it if i had any idea where it went. The installer gives no useful info.

So if I select the corresponding settings, I get this dialog, telling me which ffmpeg version is installed:

When I then click on “Locate” (Suchen), I get this dialog which ask me whether I want to search for a different version:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-04 um 11.53.56

Did you re-start Audacity after the automated install process? If it does not appear even after a restart, you can download it from the page referenced in the instructions and then “Locate” it in your downloads folder.

You can see where it is installed in the window below: