Mackie ProFX10v3 Mixer Connection

Hello Everyone,
Brand new to this game, just purchased the MackieProFX10v3. Downloaded the Mackie Driver from Mackie site.
I just cannot get my laptop running Windows10 to record from the mixer. If I mute the laptop mic I get nothing at all.
I have a Shure SM58 plugged into the mixer but just can’t get anything recorded. It will not ‘hear’ the Shure at all.
I have no knowledge of mixers or Audacity so all help is greatly appreciated.

Does it show-up as a [u]Recording Device[/u] and did you select it?

Thanks for the reply.
Yes in the mic drop down menu I have it on ProFX. I understand that to be the Mackie mixer.


That gets it down to six mixers Which one do you have?

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 2.30.17 PM.png

Second smallest. Front row, second from left.

OK (rolling up sleeves).

Over on the right. Power light should be on and 48V should be off.

See: Left-hand channel strip (top to bottom).

Plug the SM58 into Input #1.

You should be using an actual XLR cable for this.

No adapters or other funny business.

Hi-Z Off.
Low Cut OFF

GAIN - Advance the Mic Gain until the little green Level Set light flashes when you talk. You’re allowed to yell as loud as you want, but never, ever blow into a microphone.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.04.09 AM.png
That’s an SM58 he’s screaming into.

Compression OFF

Three blue knobs in the middle.


PAN in the middle

Not Muted

GAIN knob in the middle.

Scene shifts to the right-hand side.

MAIN LEVEL - Advance until the sound meters jump when you speak. You should be able to mostly hit many green lights with an occasional amber.

plug your wired headphones into the PHONES socket (possibly with an adapter).

MAIN PHONES. Turn up until you can hear yourself. I’m nearly 100% sure the mixer doesn’t support wireless headphones.

Now go over to the computer and see if your voice appears there.

Post back where you got lost or stuck.


Hi Koz,
Thank you for this.
I had done all of the above. I can hear myself perfectly in the headphones. However, not a flicker from the laptop.

I can’t find a USB light on the mixer. I guess we’re taking it on blind faith that the USB connection is OK. Does it say somewhere in the instructions?

Close Audacity.

Go into the Windows Control Panels > Sound > Recording. Do you see the USB device that corresponds to the Mackie? It can say anything. USB Audio Codec? It doesn’t have to say Mackie.

Most important. Is there a sound meter and does it jump with your voice?

Audacity gets the sound from Windows, not the Mackie.


Thanks again for your help.
All seems in perfect order with the laptop and the mixer. I switched on ‘software playthrough’ from the Transport Menu and everything came to life.
Just recorded my first voice test.
Thank you so much for your help.
Ben :+1: