Machine noises.

How can I identify, correct and attenuate my computer noises that are aggregated after a recording?
What Audacity tools can we use to eliminate or alleviate this issue?

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What computer noises? Things like the “Empty recycle bin” sound?

Hi Steve!

I say possible noise from the motherboard or sound card, electrical network, among others, that is, from the system itself.

I understand that Audacity must have some tool or plugin to alleviate these annoyances.


What are you recording?
For example: “I am recording an audio book. which I am narrating myself, using an AT2020 USB microphone”.

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I’m recording a vocal using an SM 58 Shure microphone, acoustic guitar and keyboard.
All are connected to a mixer and the recording output of the mixer connected to my notebook using Audacity.

The work I do the most is making video classes capturing the computer screen by Camtasia software using the Microsoft lifechat LX 3000 USB Headset microphone.

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Audacity’s Noise Reduction effect can be very effective for reducing constant low level hiss from the recording.

Intermittent noises and high level noises are much more difficult to deal with. The best approach is to avoid getting other noises into the recording in the first place - this is the main reason why people use recording studios. It is sometimes possible to edit out sounds (cut out the bad bits), but if there are unwanted sounds while you are speaking it is often impossible to remove them.

Hi, are there any other tips to remove the noise, I record sound on a microphone, but when I listen to the recording I hear noises as if from outside, what could this be about? :cry:

Yes. There are quite a few tips on this forum thread: