MacBook Pro output speakers

So forgive me if there is a simple solution, for I am new to Audacity. I run my MacBook into a Focusrite monitor, with studio headphones and a Rode mic. I have audio (MP3) in the MacBook running through Audacity. My problem is I cannot silence the speakers on the MacBook to avoid feedback. The audio plays through my headphones and through the laptop speakers, and all the controls to silence the MacBook speakers also silences the output to the headphones. Is there an easy fix to turn off the speakers on the MacBook while maintaining the output to the headphones? I tried plugging a basic set of earbuds in the external outlet but that also overrode the output to the headphones going through the monitor.

That seems weird… What are your audio system preferences like? You can probably select the output speakers from there and bring the audio all the way down.

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Hello Jonathan,

Sorry to hear about the issues.

To confirm, which one of our audio interfaces are you using with Audacity on your Mac?

It would be useful to obtain screenshots of your Audacity > Preferences > Devices window.

To confirm, you are definitely referring to the MacBook’s built in speakers and not external monitor speakers?