Macbook Air, not pro, crashes on import mp3

I have a strange problem when importing MP3 files.

I have two laptops Macbook pro mid 2010 and macbook air 2013. OSX mavericks installed on both. no problems with macbook pro machine (the occasional crash, but nothing dramatic).

on macbook air, the program just quits when trying to import mp3. Sometimes there is an offer for recovery of a partial import…
This happens with either: 1) the drag and drop, 2) the menu selection for import and 3) the keyboard shortcut. For single or multiple files.

I’ve found a work around. import a wav file first, then close that track, then import MP3 file(s).

I suspect that the air beats the pro in doing some import operations. air being a much faster machine (i7 processor, SSD) over the pro (core 2 duo, HDD)

just throwing that tip out there and hope there are some suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

(the occasional crash, but nothing dramatic)

I think it’s dramatic. My MBPs crash once every two or three…years. One of my two Minis crashed…once.

So we’ll start with the assumption that you have a naturally unstable machine because of something odd you’re doing.

when trying to import mp3

That’s the end of the movie, now you get to fill in the rest. Where did the MP3s come from? How big are they? What’s the length of the performance?

Have you ever done a manual “periodic?” Does the machine survive a Verify Disk and Repair Permissions?


Thanks for the report.

Please read the pink panel at the top of the page about giving your full Audacity version number.

If you have Audacity version 2.0.4, that version crashed frequently when importing files. Make sure you have Audacity 2.0.5 from .

If Audacity 2.0.5 still crashes when importing MP3 files, please post the Mac crash report. To find the report, open Finder, then choose Go > Go to Folder and type:


Please also post a link to an example MP3 that shows the problem. You can post files to Dropbox or to file sharing sites like .

When on file sharing sites, avoid clicking on advertisements that have download or other buttons, or you may harm your computer.

Do you mean that Audacity crashes occasionally on the MacBook Pro, or the machine crashes? I agree with Koz that the machine crashing would be very unusual and that you should take that seriously.