Mac OS X 10.7.5 and Samson Meteor Mic

Hi, I’ve got a Mac os x 10.7.5 (MacBook Pro). Got the right version of Audacity for Macs… Used it before and it worked. I am now trying to use it again but it seems that the settings are different. Got a Samson Meteor Mic (USB connection to computer)… Tried recording but it will not record from my Meteor Mic. It records from the computer’s microphone (which is not what I want)… When I tried recording my voice, I was close to my Meteor Mic, had earphones in my ears and could hear myself in the earphones (which is good). When I listened to the recording, I couldn’t hear it through the earphones, only through the computer’s speakers (which is not what I want)…

What settings are needed for my voice to be recorded through the Meteor mic and not the computer’s mic ? and then, to be heard from the earphones which are plugged into my Meteor Mic when I want to listen to the recording ?

Do I need to reset the needed settings each time I want to record something ? It did work two weeks ago…


Using the drop-downs for Recording and Playback on the main Audacity window, make sure both are switched to your USB Audio Device. That’s pretty much it. When you close Audacity, the sound settings should go back to where you have them in Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound…etc.

Remember to plug your USB microphone in before you Start Audacity.


Thanks for the reply… It now works. :smiley: