Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1 Audacity 3.2.3 How to remove background noise with Krisp

I have a recording on Audacity and i would like to remove the background noise using a plug-in called Krisp.
However with Krisp it only works with the Mac microphone and not recorded sound.

I reached out to Krisp support and they suggested the following “But you may try to rerun the audio with audacity. Let’s say set up with Krisp, the result may not be as if used directly with Krisp, but you may give it a chance,”

Is there a way in Audacity that could play the sound but at the same time trick Krisp into thinking its coming from the in-built microphone and therefore remove the background noise?

Thanks Johann

Yes. From surfing the web, it appears that Krisp can only be used in conjunction with your microphone. So you could play your audio from another device into your computer’s microphone, and (re-)record with Audacity, selecting Krisp as the input device.

Alternatively, if you do an internet search, you should find any number of online tools that purportedly will remove background noise from you audio. Some of these even use AI. :smiley:

i’m interested to remove background noise with krisp