Mac OS icon does not follow platform guidelines

On macOS there are suggested guidelines for the style of app icons (a rounded rectangle with a shadow):

I suggest creating a version of the original icon that will match the style of the system. But of course I’m not talking about a whole new design, but simply on taking the official template for the icon and putting the Audacity logo on a white background on it.

The benefit of it all will be that Audacity will feel more at home for macOS users.

Did you notice the buttons in Audacity also still follow the design guidelines of OS X Lion? :smiley:

And possibly less at home for the users of the other two operating systems, and more work for the Audacity Developers. It’s easy to forget Audacity is a multi-OS application.


I haven’t forgotten that. You can have different icons for different operating systems. I am suggesting to adjust the one for macOS :slight_smile:

I don’t think the style of the UI inside of the app is really relevant in this situation. The app icon is something separate from the actual code of the application and is mostly a build-step thing. It can conform more to the platform style and it wouldn’t be much work to do it :slight_smile:

the image files live here anyway:

I don’t have an icns editor unfortunately.

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I made the macos version using the template and the official icon file. I can convert it into the .icns format and make a pull request.

please do!

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Ok, I created the PR.

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and it’s in! Thank you!

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