Mac Mojave

I tried building for Mac Mojave

Xcode 8.1 does not work with Mojave.

Building wxwidgets works.

Xcodebuild does not.

I tried using Xcode 10.13 after inserting the 10.7SDK, but xcodebuild fails.

See the instructions here:

I followed that.

But Xcode8.1 will not open, nor does xcodebuild work, in Mac Mojave.

So I used Xcode 10.13.
I inserted the 10.7sdk extracted from the Xcode4.?.?.app.

Xcodebuild didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I have a bunch of Homebrew stuff installed?

Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about building on Mac, other than that I managed to build Audacity on Mojave by carefully following those instructions.

What errors are you getting?