Mac Microphone

Recording with the Mac microphone results in my voice being “tinny”. Can I adjust settings on the Mac or on Audacity software to improve it or do I need to buy a microphone, and if so, which one/type?

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What is the version of the audacity application you are currently running? (To know the version of the application, with it open, go to menu option named Audacity > Audacity version… > (Tab) Audacity.)

The latest version should be 2.3.3.
When you say “tinny” what do you mean by that?

If you are in a quiet place the quality of the recording should be ok. Do you know how to edit your voice once you recorded it in the application? Maybe this can help you.

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Thanks Victor, you are the only one of 157 viewers to respond!
By Tinny I mean all treble and echoe-y. It sounds like I’m speaking from inside a trash can.
I use 2.3.3 version of Audacity.
A colleague gave me some tips; laying down a copy on top of original recording to boost volume, create a noise reduction setting, reverb setting adjustments.
These have helped but only slightly,
In the meantime, I have ordered a Blue Snowball microphone so hope that makes a big difference.