Mac m2 keyman and spacebar not working on labels

We transcribe audio using ELAN for Kwakwala (iso:kwk) and export labels to Audacity to extract the audio for words and sentences. In order to type in the language, we use Keyman.

If I edit or create labels in Audacity, the following problems occur:
Problem 1: Keyman does not work (workaround = I can access the extended unicode characters for Kwakwala by developing keyboard macros using Keyboard Maestro)
Problem 2: spacebar does not work for any typing into a label (workaround = I can make a space by pressing shift+spacebar).

Additional notes: We have exactly the same problem with ELAN (programmed in JAVA). Same problem, two different programs (C++ and JAVA). Perhaps this is an M2 OS keyboard hardware issue?

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