Mac Installation dragging link only into App folder

I am trying to install on the latest M3 Macbook Air, Sonoma 14.5, and when I drag the app into my App folder, it refuses to drag anything but a link, which then requires the dmg image to be available in order to run.

This is not normal behaviour, on any version of macOS -even not Sonoma.

Have you since then re-sstarted your Mac?
Did you install any dubious “security” software?
Are you an “admin”-user?

I have restarted my Mac several times.
I have not installed ANY security software since acquiring the device a few weeks ago, either dubious or otherwise. As an IT professional with over 50 years experience, much of that with Apple as personal devices, I have a healthy skepticism of installing anything. This is not something I have experienced ever before.
I am the ONLY user.

If the InstallAssistant is not included with the fully updated device what does it do?

So you have a problem with installing the software on your Mac. You write a question in this forum. I tried to give you some ideas. And then you think you have to tell me that you are a professional with “over 50 years of experience” [1]. If you answer like this, you can solve your problem yourself.

You just should take care how you treat users here if they want to help!

[1] 50 years ago, there were no Macs and no Windows computers, and with “over 50 years experience” you’re at leasst 70 now - or even older.

Ok, I am going to try and ignore your ageist prejudiced rant, and continue this enquiry in a civil manner. I was just trying to set your expectations of your audience.

Please explain how you think installing this package adds anything to a virgin, updated machine.

The Apple I came out in 1977 (48 years ago), and the Apple II came out just a year later. And even the Macintosh came out in 1984 (40 years ago). So it’s very possible that “much” of OP’s 50 years of experience has been “with Apple as personal devices”.

:+1: I wasn’t trying to boast. I just didn’t want to waste anyone’s time being patronised, and perhaps get to a solution quicker.

Open the DMG file: Double-click the DMG file to open it.
Drag the App to Applications: Ensure you are dragging the actual app icon (not a shortcut) into the Applications folder. You might need to right-click and select Show Package Contents to verify.
Check Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to move files. You can do this by right-clicking on the Applications folder, selecting “Get Info,” and checking the permissions at the bottom.
Mount the DMG: Ensure the DMG is correctly mounted. Sometimes, remounting it can help. Eject it and open it again.
Use Terminal: As an alternative, you can use Terminal to copy the app. Open Terminal and type:


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sudo cp -R /Volumes/[DMG_Name]/[App_Name].app /Applications/

Replace [DMG_Name] and [App_Name] with the appropriate names.
Restart: Sometimes a simple restart can fix issues related to file permissions and system refresh.

@Roger5125 Thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response. Happily, I have accidently resolved the issue whilst starting to follow your instructions. I had already several times attempted to drag the icon from the opened DMG image to the app folder. Each time, as i dragged it, the plus(+) symbol appeared. I figured I would try to lose the symbol by trying with the Option key and others, without succcess, but in the process I accidentally dropped the icon onto my desktop. When I picked it up again, there was no plus symbol so i dropped it into the App folder and the app was finally there, instead of the link.

With a little experimentation I discovered that, if, when dragging the icon, I dropped it directly over the App folder, it created a link. If I hovered over the App folder and waited for it to open a finder window and dropped it there, it created the app.

There is probably a logical explaination for that but I don’t know what it is. :smirk:

Thanks again for your help.