Mac: "Cmd + D" for "No" button in dialogs

I have a suggestion for an additional keyboard shortcut for the Mac version. I’m using Audacity 2.4.2 with macOS 10.12.6

When you close a project, a dialog appears asking you if you’d like to save your work.
Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.11.11 PM.png
Following Mac conventions, currently the Escape key is bound to the “Cancel” button and the Return and Enter keys are bound to the “Yes” button.

I suggest following convention and binding Cmd-D to the “No” button. That’s the key combination typically used across Mac applications (the “d” refers to “Don’t Save” following the typical macOS wording).

I saw the preferences to customize the keyboard shortcuts used for the various menu options, but didn’t find a way to add one to this situation myself. Thanks!

I’ve updated the topic title and moved the topic to the “feature requests” part of the forum.

I wasn’t aware of that convention. Also surprised that it’s not listed here: Mac keyboard shortcuts – Apple Support (UK)

How common is that convention?
I’ve just tested with TextEdit, Safari and GarageBand, and none of them appear to have that shortcut.

Interesting. I use it frequently in Apple Mail, TextWrangler/BBEdit and Microsoft Office products.

I found a reference here: though it mentions it a little differently.

I’m using Big Sur, and Apple have completely changed the confirmation dialog. It now has three large buttons in a vertical column. From the keyboard, to select “No”, it’s “Shift + Tab” then “Enter”, or “Tab” twice then “Enter”. This is a macOS change rather than an Audacity change.

So that means we can add you to the list of people who would just as soon that nag panel in its present form went away?


Sure…at least for the cases where all I’ve done is open an MP3 to play (if you’re able to separate that from actually making edits, etc.)

I think that would be good.

That should be possible.


Is there any update to being able to use ctrl-D (or any other keyboard combination) to say no to the dialog box? Being able to just say don’t save using only the keyboard would be really useful.


Two years on from the OP, still no change. :roll_eyes: