Mac Catalina update - Problem opening Audacity files

Hello- recently updated to Catalina and all of my Audacity files are “in situ” but they won’t open normally.

I can view the billions of .au files and open the 5-6 second sample but is there a way to recoup my projects as they were prior to the update?

I can arrange the .au files according to the timestamp and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds but can I specifically recover the “project” with adjusted levels, cuts, etc etc is what I specifically mean

Your Audacity version has to be 2.3.2 or later for it to work in Catalina.

This is a Project.

Double click the AUP file and it should open Audacity and unscramble all the little AU files into your show.

The file and the folder must be in the same location or folder, they must have the same name and it must be the name you gave them inside Audacity. No fair changing them around later, after you close Audacity.

Did you get an error when you tried that?

You can also open Audacity and File > Open the AUP file. Did you get an error when you tried that?


Excellent- the issue was solved by opening Audacity then clicking File - Open…

Thank you- you are my Lord and Savior!