Okay here goes,
open aud file/import/audio/(name.m4a)
file/export/audio/save as/ (name.m4a) (acc) files(FFmpeg)/save/ then up pops edit metadata tags
this is where my question comes into play,
Why hasnt aud imported all the tags that were already there,
If i reinput new tags and then click add, then ok when i go to the saved m4a file only the track title has saved.
im having to use a seperate mp3 m4a tag editor to get around this issue

Right… Audacity’s tag support isn’t perfect and when you export you are creating a completely new file. Audacity can’t directly-edit the original file. It doesn’t support embedded artwork at all. And the different file formats use different tagging standards so it’s not an easy thing to do.

Your tag editor might be able to “easily” copy all of the tags from the old file into the new but I’ve never done that.

you say youve never done that, can i ask what solution you use please