M4A To MP3 and Save

I have 4,000+ M4A music files on my pc and done nothing with them for a few years.

Found Audacity and downloaded file to allow change to MP3 = all good so far I THINK

System spent around 10 hours yesterday (hopefully) converting the files.

However, I cannot find where the converted MP3 files are - ideas please.

Also, I want to save them in a folder as single music files - so selected the export option - but that appears to want to save them as one huge audio file and not individual files (it informs me this will take 5 hours so obviously dont want to just sit and hope).


Advice on correct way to convert M4A to MP3 and how to save each music track in a folder (without clocking one by one).

Massive Thank You

PS its so we can upload 500 tracks or so to a smart watch later.

For a big format conversion job like this, I’d use Foobar2000 (it’s free, and it is also a very good, lightweight audio player): https://www.foobar2000.org/

OK while waiting for post to be authorised…

I found the “Export Multiple” option.

Do I simply select save as MP3 and choose those couple of other options to personalise?


Thank You Steve

Will give that a go

I did start the “export Multiple” option and looks like that was going to be another 10 hour+ task lol

PS no edit function so couldnt change last post

Yes it is possible to batch convert the files with an Audacity macro, but given that you have so many files to convert I think it would be better to use an app that is specifically designed for batch format conversions. Foobar2000 is designed to be a lightweight audio player and format converter. Although it has a basic looking interface, it can play just about any audio format and is one app that I always install when I’m on Windows.

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I’m very new to this, so please be kind if I’m not as proficient as many of you. I purchased MM Gold because I was told I could convert M4a files to MP3. I have many M4a files on my computer that when I open in MediaMonkey Gold, they play immediately with no issues. I’ve tried to use covert file mode and it is set to MP3…run the process for each file and it says converted. I love my small Sandisk Clip MP3 players and it holds about 700 songs. After converting these files and moving over to the MP3 player, they don’t work. When you hit play, there’s 2 seconds of noise that sounds like its playing the song hyperfast, like the whole thing in 2 seconds, then immediately goes to the next song in queue.

Can anyone help me with this? I’m not overly familiar with how all this works and would be thrilled if I could play these songs on my small portable player and not just my computer.

I purchased MM Gold because

I’m not familiar with that…

But it CAN be done with FREE software.

With Audacity you have to install the optional [u]FFmpeg import/export library[/u]. That’s usually easy but some people somehow get tripped-up. You do need the special Audacity version of FFmpeg and if you’re using the 64-bit version of Audacity you need the 64-bit version of FFmpeg. All you have to do is download & run FFmpeg_v2.2.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows_64bit.exe and it should install and you’ll be ready to go.

You simply open the M4A and Export as MP3.

But I can’t help you with Macros/batch processing… I’ve never used it…

[u]TAudioConverter[/u] or [u]Kabuu Audio Converter[/u] can convert your files in batches. Both are “similar”. You just drag-in the files you want to convert (almost any format) and once you’ve selected your desired output-format and location it’s one-click to convert. I have both of these installed and this how I convert files when I just want to convert without editing.

Sometimes I get a “missing DLL” error with TAudioConverter but it’s not really missing and I can just click “OK” (or whatever it says) and I can continue.

Also if you have embedded artwork Audacity won’t copy it to the new file. The other conversion applications should handle that correctly.