m-Audio Fast Track recording halfscale in Audacity

I have been using my M-Audio Fast track audio interface for more than ten years now, but I lately changed my computer. I am discovering W11.
I got the last fast Track driver I found by Avid (from 2013 I guess).
The recordings seemed low to me. So I turned up the input to maximum and recorded my counting. I could see the clip led blinking red on the audio interface.
On my recorded track, the saturation is at 0,5 (plus and minus).
So Audacity is not recording on the scale my audio interface works.
Is there a way around that?

Does your interface have 2 inputs? (2 microphones or a mic & guitar?)

If you record in mono from a stereo interface, both input signals are cut in half so you don’t go over 0dB when they are mixed. If you are only using one input you are limited to -6dB (50%).

If you record in stereo it will can go to 0dB but you’ll get one silent channel and you’ll need to convert to mono or duplicate the good channel, etc.

Either way, you’ll have to some post-production editing.

Mic & guitar.
I knew you were right before trying. I hadn’t think about the interface having a second channel I had never used.
Thanks a lot

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