M-Audio Fast Track Pro/Behringer B2 Pro; mic doesn't record?

I’m running Windows 7 and I installed through the .exe installer. Basically, i have the fast track plugged into the computer (i have drivers installed) and the Behringer is plugged in with the correct cable and phantom power is on. I can hear the input from the microphone through my headphones, but audacity doesn’t. the mic device is listed as “Line 1/2” and “Line 3/4”. I’ve also tried other non-condeser mics and the same thing happens; I can hear them through the fast track pro but Audacity doesn’t record the audio. It doesn’t seem to detect the specific mics and I’m not sure if the computer does either. How can I fix it so I can actually record? Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

If you right click on the speaker icon in the System Tray and select Recording Devices, is the Fast Track Pro listed?
Does it show any activity there when you speak into the mic?
Is the recording level turned up in that control panel?
See here for more information about the Windows Sound Control Panel