M audio Fast track help, possible to use?

Hey everyone, I am a complete and I mean complete newb to recording on any level…
I have a old computer with a M-audio fast track and windows 7.
I downloaded the most current version of Audacity on 5/22/20 and windows 7 is the last updated version also.
When I plugged the Fast track into the computer it did load drivers and it recognized the interface but when I
fire up Audacity I get a warning that states “Could not find any audio devices, you will not be able to record…etc…”
I did see a feed that said go to “transport” and rescan for audio devices and did this but no luck…

Is my problem old meeting new software that just won’t speak to each other or is there a setup out there that will work for what I have?

Thanks in advance for any help you folks could provide :slight_smile: