M-Audio Fast Track C600


I have a problem for recording with USB interface Fast Track C600 (M-Audio) using Audacity software, The USB interface have 4 channels for recording and I want recording the four audio signals simultaneously, but the audacity only see one input mono and It doesn’t see 4 input mono as I would hope, I already have installed the last m-audio drivers, but it still doesn’t work as I want, ¿Why happen this and how can I fix it?, ¿Could somebody help me please?

Did the Fast Track come with simple recording software? Does that work? If the device needs ASIO software to work properly, then this recording will fail because Audacity does not use ASIO. Koz

The Fast track c600 came with Pro tools SE but it only permit 2 channels for recording simultaneously, you have to buy Pro Tools MP or higher to work with all channels at time. About compatibilities, the manufacturer specify in system requirements that fast track work properly with: WDM, Core Audio, ASIO II and MME, I understand Audacity use MME, It should work properly then?

I just got the C600. Hooked it up, fired up Audacity v1.2.6 (Mac OS X 10.7.2) and had to restart it a few times before it recognized the C600. But once it recognized it and hit record in Audacity, I received a “Error cannot load device” (or something like that).

I downloaded Audacity 2.0 beta and now can’t get Audacity to recognize the C600 at all. Boo.

I think you’ve answered your own question. Why provide support for all channels with WDM if they can take another $100 from you.

Yes Audacity can use MME, but the MME drivers probably only support basic (2 channel) functionality.

Audacity 1.2.6 is far too old to work well with OS X 10.7.2. Audacity 2.0 is available here: http://audacityteam.org/download/

Check in the Mac Sounds settings that the C600 is recognised and working correctly.