M-Audio AIR192X4 Audio Interface not Compatible with Audacity?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if M-Audio AIR192X4 Audio Interface is compatible with Audacity? AUDACITY seems to recognise the interface but it doesn’t seem to let me record anything when I press record.

Anything with Windows divers should work with Audacity.

The big exception is multi-channel interfaces that are supposed to capture more than 2-channel stereo… Sometimes you can only get the first two channels. You’ll probably get the mic on the left and the guitar on the right.

Are the LED meters on the interface showing activity? Did you select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]?

Hi! Thanks for the reply! Is there a problem with 2 channel stereo…? What should I do?

Yes the LED meters on the interface shows activity and I’ve selected Line 1/2 (2-M-Audio Air 192 4) as my recording device. Every time I try to press or hit the record button it says Error opening recording device. Error code: - 9996 Invalid device.