Lubuntu 18.04 32 bit Can't install Audacity

I discovered Audacity is not supporting 32 bit Linux boxes anymore.
I have looking all over the web for someone who has a download.
Unbelievable they don’t see ‘32 bit’ and point me to 64 bit downloads.
Don’t care if it’s an old version like 2.11 or whatever. Just to want to put it
back on my Acer One D255E 32 bit 11" Notebook. I believe Audacity was on it
before with Linux Lubuntu 18.04 32 bit.

Usually Audacity should be in your repository, which you can install via the terminal like this:

sudo apt-get install audacity

That said, Lubuntu 18.04 has been EOL since 2021 so maybe the repository has been shut down. In that case, you’ll need to compile Audacity yourself. Audacity versions prior to 3.0.3 didn’t have a Linux binary at all and relied on the repositories.

Audacity 2.2.1 is available for Lubuntu 18.04 32 bit.

From the Applications menu (bottom left corner) select: “System Tools > Software”.
Click on the magnifier (“Search”) in the top right corner of the software installer, then type audacity into the search bar.
Select the Audacity app, and click the Install button.

Alternatively, Audacity may be installed from the LXTerminal:

sudo apt install audacity

The repository is still open, and likely to remain open for a long time.
They’ve got as far back as Audacity 1.2.1 (