LP USB to MP3 conversion

I’m trying to convert old albums to MP3. Audacity records it fine, but how do I split each song apart from the others on the album and name them? I have albums that only show one long song instead of for example, 10 songs.

The recommended method is to use Labels.

But I find it easy just to select/highlight one song at a time and then File → Export Audio → Export Range → Current Selection, one song at a time.

Then I’ll often re-import them one at a time to trim the leading/trailing silence.

And I use Mp3Tag to edit or enter the metadata. You can select the whole folder to edit the common information in one-shot (album name, artist, genre, year, album artwork, etc.). You can do most of that in Audacity, but Audacity can’t add the artwork, and I find Mp3Tag easier.

See if this YouTube video makes it clearer: Use Audacity to title and export songs from an audio file using labels and multiple export. Note: it does refer to an older version of Audacity.
I agree with DVDdoug about MP3Tag but not the splitting method. It seems like a long way round for a shortcut but if it works for him, fair play.

Mark B

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