Lower vocals on mp3 track

Hiya chaps,

I have an MP3 of a pop song and can remove the vocals fine, however ideally I’d simply like to lower the volume of the vocals - I’ve had a go through the options on Vocal Reduction and Isolation to no avail.

Any advice? Using version 2.3.0.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could duplicate the track (Select the track then “Ctrl + D”, or select “Duplicate” from the Edit menu). Apply “Vocal Removal” to one of the tracks, then adjust the “Gain” sliders on the tracks so that you have a suitable mix (without going over 0 dB when they play together).

Tip: If you reduce the Gain to -6.0 dB on both tracks, then the overall level when both tracks play will be about the same as the original track.

Tip: To check that the overall level is OK after adjusting the Gain sliders, Select both tracks and then “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render” to mix down the two tracks into one track. Then Normalize the track.

Top man! Thanks.