Low volume when recording

When I record from Spotify streaming I get a very low recording level. I have my recording set as high as it goes. It records right off the computer itself so I don’t need to use any cables.

the settings are Windows WASAP
Speakers Realtek High def

Audacity version 2.0.6

Attached is a screen shot of a song recorded at the highest level.

With WASAPI you are getting the level of the source.

If you are using Spotify’s volume normalization* many/most tracks will be quieter than with normalization disabled. That’s because you can reduce loud tracks, but many quiet-sounding tracks can’t be boosted without clipping (distorting).

Your levels are not THAT bad. You can use Audacity’s Amplify effect if you want to boost the volume after recording.


  • I think Spotify calls volume matching “normalization”, but technically normalization usually means something else. (Normalization sets the peak to some preset level but peaks don’t correlate well with “loudness”. Most digital music is peak-normalized, including quiet-sounding songs.)

That’s as high as it gets with WASAPI, unless you can turn the Spotify volume up further.