Low Volume when recording

Hi guys I’m new to this forum and a noob to sound recording. Its a hobby of mine. Anyways, I read in here some issues people had and I too am having a similar issue but using different equipment. I recently purchased the Audio-technica AT2020 XLR version and connected to my Allen & Heath ZED10FX and connected to my Mac using Garage Band for recording. First issue, when recording my girlfriends voice; the volume is way to low. Monitoring through the headphones sounds loud and the gain LEDs on the Allen Heath show great response and almost clipping red but the sound in Garage Band when played back is way to low. My voice seems to be okay. My room is treated but for 2 channel music listening. I did notice a huge improvement when we did our first recording in a room without treatment vs treated. The treated improved the recording and volume but still my girlfriends voice still comes out too low in recordings. The mic is faced the correct direction. I increased the volume on Garage Band and really didn’t notice any improvement there. Kinda frustrating. Any thoughts? Also, do you recommend a GIK Acoustic Screen Panels or CAD Acoustic Shield to further increase quality of recording? This is starting to become an expensive hobby LOL

Sorry with so many questions…Also does anyone recommend a good free or inexpensive recording software for a noob but with great features better than Garage Band? Last but not least, does anyone know how to do a voice over for Youtube but without eliminating the background sound from the original recording? Kinda like how they record in movie studios where they add actors/actress voice into a cartoon. So bascially adding my voice to an existing soundtrack/movie track?

Thank you soooooooooo much!!!

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If you decide to try Audacity software, I would suggest that you start with the “Getting Started” guide. Audacity Manual