Low volume reproducing a file

Hy friends.
I’m having this problem. when recording, it seems everything alright, visually. So I try to reproduce the recording, play the file, and it’ so low that I can’t barelly hear. It began to happen today, from nothing.
Then I turned off the computer to do somethng else, and when I re-started the PC, it was allright again, the sound properly wording, and so.
Then, again, after about a hour using the PC, again the sound of reproducing the file absolutely low.
I have an intel mother board, with a i.3 processor, memory of 4 gb, running Windows 7 ultimate.
Could you help me?

Which numbered version of Audacity?

it seems everything alright, visually.

So the blue waves are normal and the sound meters bounce in the upper-right quarter or so of their range?

If you have low (leftward) sound meters or flat-line blue waves, then you didn’t get a good recording.

What’s the job? Why are we doing this?


What exactly are you recording? Are you sure the recorded waves are always fairly tall?

If the audio playback volume is changing even when the Audacity playback slider is on maximum, then Skype could be interfering, if you have that.

Or you may not have proper drivers for your audio device, which could cause unpredictable behaviour.