Low sound recording

hi, just made short audio with audacity and sound line
very small … and sound itself not very loud
made same recording with… free pc audio recorder… and result is good… good sound . is there any way I can adjust audacity to get a good sound wave and a good sound… ?
thanks for advice

You didn’t say what you are recording, or what “device” you are using? The microphone built into your laptop?

It should be the same since Audacity gets the sound from Windows and it doesn’t normally change anything while recording. (You can run the Amplify effect after recording.)

If you are using the mic built-into your laptop or an analog mic, there is a recording volume control sort-of hidden under the recording level meters (I think it’s linked to the Windows microphone volume). Normally you can’t change the volume from a USB mic in software, and USB mics tend to be calibrated “quiet” unless they have a recording-volume knob.

Windows also has Microphone Boost.

im on a pc and just recording from an audio playing in the pc… I should be seeing an up and down sound wave in audacity… it just looks like a thick line… you re right I can go later and amplify and end up with an ok result… but I should nt have to do that

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