Low sound after recording.

Hello Everybody.

I was gettinging excellent sound when recording from BBC Radio Scotland on my old HP pc which had Realtek HDA, using the last version of Audacity.
Now I’m using the latest version of Audacity on my new HP pc which has:-
I’ve tried everything to get decent volume when playing back the recordings I save in MP3 format.

To record sounds playing on the computer you will need to select “Stereo Mix” as the recording input and not “Integrated Microphone Array”.
Also, the recording level will be affected by the playback level as it is in effect recording the sound card output.

Hi Steve, I have read the FAQ, when set to default ‘Stereo Mix’ it works but still very quietly. If rebooted, ‘Stereo Mix’ is now NOT the default device. It must be something else, and will try contacting HP. Thanks.