Low room tone noise

Unplugged the mic and I still get the low freq noise!

That’s not the shining light you may think. If you don’t plug something in there, it will act like an antenna and start picking up radio stations. But yes, that is suspicious anyway.

Did you get your Solo new?

I did a noise test on my UM2. It’s deathly quiet, and what little noise i found is coming from my US house wiring. 60Hz. All normal.

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I got it new almost 3 years ago. It’s a gen 2

is this what your unit? https://amazon.com/BEHRINGER-Audio-Interface-1-Channel-UM2/dp/B00EK1OTZC

I couldn’t figure out how to Google this defect. That might be handy if other people had the same problem with the same interface.


Yes. We generally don’t recommend microphones, interfaces, or other hardware on the forum because there are too many variables, expectations, and problems, particularly with home users. The UM2, for one example, will not hit maximum volume (0dB) even if I do everything absolutely, totally, perfectly. I live with it.

I published three different interfaces for the overdubbing instructions as an illustration that the process works on three completely different types of interface. One was hero, one I don’t actually own, and one I didn’t like at all and is in a box in the garage. But they all overdub.

Your mileage may vary, consult your local listings, void where prohibited.

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Thanks. I did find a post or two of people with a similar problem with the scarlett solo but no real answers. I’ve earmarked a couple of amps. Maybe I’ll try one. Maybe I’ll just live with it since I’ve figured out how to correct for it without distorting the recording too much. Never realized until now how low I was setting my noise floor, which is what sparked this in the first place.

I got you easily past the audiobook standards with little or no sound damage and posted how I did it. Some forum posters never make it that far. We should remember you still have to pass Human Quality Control where somebody listens to your work and critiques your theater and reading style.

I don’t remember your post to the question of what you’re going to read. Can I buy it on Amazon?

There was one forum poster who was planning on reading a cookbook. They won’t accept those any more.


Yes. It’s a fantasy series called The Sorcerer’s Path. I decided to start narrating the series myself at book 4 along with a collaborator for the female parts. It’s the 3rd book of mine I’ll have narrated myself. I’d be happy to send you some Audible promo codes for all your help

almost done with it. Just have to master the epilogue and do a final review b4 uploading to ACX