Low RMS levels for ACX

I’ve never had an issue before with RMS levels. Just completed a book. ACX kicked it back stating the RMS levels were a little too low for their standards. Now, this is the first audio book that I have competed with my new mic. Any idea if I can raise the RMS levels in post-production in Audacity, or, hoping not for the worst, that I have to re-record the entire book over at higher levels. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using a mastering technique, or are you reading straight into ACX? Most people can’t read directly, so you would be a celebrity.

Is there a backup of your work in WAV or other high quality format? It’s a bad idea to mess with submission work without a backup.

We publish an audiobook mastering suite (three tools) which can nudge your work into submission standards with little or no fuss. Do Not try this with your one and only copy of the work.

It’s strongly recommended not to try to take the suite apart and only use parts of it. The tools interact and clean up after each other.


That’s the exhaustive description. For the abbreviated version, scroll down to PROCESS.

Buried in there is the ACX Check tool to measure your standards. It’s a simulation of the tool ACX uses.

Post back if you get lost.


first audio book that I have competed with my new mic.

Was the old one broken or deficient in some way? You violated an unofficial rule that when you get something to work, hang onto it with white knuckles.

If you scan down the forum postings, the longest ones are almost always someone trying to read for audiobooks at home.

“I fixed RMS and now ACX says my noise level is too high…”