Low Recording Volume

Using 2.2.1, I suddenly find that I can only record at a very low volume. Only by screaming into the microphone can I get the needle to get into the red zone.

I am using the same microphone and recording settings as before, but unable to match the volume of previously recorded tracks that I need to include in my final work.

I’m guessing I am making some silly mistake, but I cannot figure out what it might be.

Hope someone can help!

We need to know what microphone, pre-amp and interface you are using before we can offer any advice.
– Bill

I had been using a Beats headset, but also tried my Blue microphone–with no improvement.

I record directly into my iMac using macOS 10.13.2.

I do not know what pre-amp or interface I am using.

Thanks for trying to help!


Which Mac? What input are you connecting to, and with what kind of cable?
– Bill