Low recording level/new user

I am trying to record audio from my computer, youtube to be exact. I tried a test with an mp3 file but it recorded it about 1/3 the volume. Can that input level be adjusted or set to match what ever source is coming in?

Since you are not using an actual analog input, you are capturing/recording the audio coming out of your soundcard so you have to adjust the playback volume. Usually the recording volume doesn’t work.

YouTube (and all of the popular streaming services) use volume normalization to make everything on their platform about the same volume. Because of that, you rarely get 0dB (100%) peaks.

But 1/3rd (about -10dB) is unusually low (if you have the playback volume at 100%.)

You can always run the Amplify or Normalize effect after recording to boost the volume. (The regular Normalize effect is peak normalization… Different from loudness normalization.)

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